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For more than 16 years of being in the industry our experience we have gained in this process and the quality of the production of  building materials  is also established with 
with the coming together of a very good team knows the customers' demands.  
Our quality policy Our main goal is always to fulfill the demands of our customers. producing high quality products, make proper costing, timely delivery.  
Customer satisfaction oriented work, to ensure maximum customer satisfaction for the first time and move it forward memnuniyetlilig always.  
Our products are based on European Norms, ‘TSE and ISO quality certificates.  
Increments in Turkey and overseas market also continues to work.  
Domestic and international non-packaging of all kinds of weather and environmental conditions in accordance with standard, road and is done in a manner that protects
the housing conditions of our products on time.  
Our R & D work, branding and our continuing constantly.  
            our respect